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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to many of the most commonly asked questions about voffer.com and the process of selling your automobile. if you can't find an answer to your question please don't hesitate to ask us; by calling or emailing us.

1. How long does it take?

As little as 30 minutes. Of course, this is a best case scenario and variables such as distance, finance payoffs and availability may make the process a little longer.

2. What documents will I need to sell my vehicle?

The vehicle title and registration certificate, proof of purchase and personal identification. We provide all other transfer forms.

3. Why is vOffer different than other car buying companies?

At vOffer.com we pay on the spot and we back our offer with a $250 guarantee! We are a licensed and bonded company ensuring that you are not dealing with unscrupulous "back yard" operators. As one of the largest buyers of pre-owned vehicles in Texas, we have the experience and knowledge to offer you the best possible price for your vehicle.

4. I want to sell my car but I still owe money on it. Will you still buy it?

Yes, we are happy to pay off the car loan and then pay you the balance outstanding at completion of sale.

5. Can I sell my vehicles if it's a lease?

Absolutely! In fact selling your vehicle to vOffer.com is the smart way to exit your lease; there are significant advantages to using this method. It is fast, and it is relatively easy (no penalties, no transfer fees), and it does not affect your credit score. And best of all you avoid any extra end of lease expenses. More about leasing >

6. What information will I need to provide to get my offer?

Your basic contact information, vehicle details, and current condition. Please provide as much relevant information as you have available. Key items are: VIN, Year, Make, Model, Miles, Accident history, etc.

7. Will vOffer.com provide multiple written offers for company fleet vehicles?

Absolutely! vOffer.com has been providing this service to small and large companies and agencies since our conception.

8. Will my personal information remain private information?

All information that you provide will remain private and confidential. All subsequent discussions concerning your vehicle will be conducted exclusively with you, unless you instruct us otherwise. Your details will not be added to any mailing lists.

9. Is getting an offer a free service and am I under any obligation to sell?

All offers provided by vOffer.com are FREE and good for 7 days or 200 miles. You are also under NO obligation to except or sell your vehicle to us. So, take advantage of our free services and our $250 best offer guarantee, then shop and compare!

10. Should I wash or detail my vehicle prior to inspection?

Absolutely not! It’s a waste of your time and money. You don’t have to provide any type of inspection when selling to voffer.com. Our buyers are trained to evaluate your vehicle, regardless of whether or not it needs a quick wash or full detail.

11. What if I owe more than my vehicle is worth?

Being in "negative equity" is a common situation. We will pay the lender the agreed offer amount. You will be responsible for paying us the difference.